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What is pastured poultry?

What is pastured poultry?

Pastured poultry are chickens raised partly or fully on grass or pasture.  We raise our chicks in spacious indoor brooders until they are 4 weeks old.  Then they are moved to portable outdoor enclosures, which are moved to fresh ground at least once a day.  Chickens have room to move around freely and forage for insects and fresh leaves while being protected from predators and being supplied with continuous feed and water.

What do the chickens eat?

Chickens have continual access to a locally produced, non-GMO feed throughout their lives.  While on pasture (after their 4-week brooding time) they also have access to a fresh daily "salad bar" of grasses and any insects/worms/grubs they can catch.

Is the chicken organic?

No.  We are not certified organic.  However, our chickens are raised without extra chemicals, and no chemicals are used on the pasture they use.  Their feed is non-GMO but not organic.

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