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Welcome to Bright Eagle Farm

We still have backs and feet available from last summer's batch of chickens, $2 per pound.  Perfect if you love making broth.   Please contact us via phone or text (515-979-9735), or email for purchase and pickup information.

Our 2024 chicken will be available in mid-July.

We raise pastured poultry and honey on our farm in rural Buchanan County, Iowa, with our main distribution occurring from our home in Ankeny, IA, conveniently located near SE Delaware Ave.  Many of our cuts are also available at West Forty Market in uptown Ankeny.

We aim to produce high-quality protein that is healthier for you and better for the environment than most conventional chicken found in supermarkets.  We try to give all our animals the best, healthiest life possible. See our FAQ page for more info on the advantages of pastured poultry.


Poultry cuts are frozen and vacuum sealed for freshness.  Our chickens are larger than grocery store chickens, so there is a lot of healthy, delicious meat!  Prices are by the pound.

  • Boneless skinless breasts $14/lb SOLD OUT

  • Bone-in Thighs $7.20/lb (2 per pack, about 1 lb)SOLD OUT

  • Boneless skinless thighs $12/lb (4 per pack, about 1.3 lb)SOLD OUT

  • Drumsticks $6.40/lb (4 per pack, about 1.5 lb)SOLD OUT

  • Wings $6.10/lb (10 per pack, about 3 lb)SOLD OUT

  • Soupstock (backs) $2/lb (2 per pack, about 3 lb)

  • Feet $2/lb (10 per pack, about 1.5 lb)

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